14 Sep 2010

upto 20 enquiries per month

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In a recent survey we have found that some of our advertisers are receiving 20 enquiries per month through the formal cars website. On average people charge between $100 to $250 per formal or wedding. If you are looking to generate more enquiries about your car for a formal occasion sign up for free today!

4 Jun 2010

Free listings now available

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We are now offering our basic listing for free and you can upgrade to a paid listing at anytime. Paid listing get priority over free listings but it is a good way to start advertising your car for hire at no cost.

16 Aug 2009

Site progress and bug fixes

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The site has had a few site bugs which have been fixed promptly to ensure listing a car and sign up works correctly across all browsers.  It appears the server environment had stopped working due to a security upgrade and there were some form errors in some browser in particular Google Chrome.

The next step is stream line the car listing process by adding suggestions for users what to add for each field and possible removing some unnecessary fields that make the process a bit tedious.

2 Jul 2009

The Site has gone live!

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Well after many years has finally gone live with out a hitch. The credit card processing works a treat and now the fun of marketing begins. If you have difficulties signing up or listing your car online feel free to post a comment on this blog.

30 Jun 2009

eWay credit card processing

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The St George bank has authorised the Formal Cars website on first check and the site is ready to launch. We are just awaiting our credit card processing facility with eWay and hope to go live in the coming week. eWay was recommended by Infinite Networks due to their easy to use XML payment facility making coding effecient and safe via SSL.

18 Jun 2009

Awaiting approval from the St George Bank

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Well final testing has been finished and all that awaits the site to go live is approval from the St George Bank and an account created with eWay. This is the preferred payment system of Infinite Networks because of the competitive rate St George provides on its Internet Merchant Facilities and eWay’s excellent XML payment service which enables cost effective coding and credit card processing.

Once approved the site can start accepting advertisers and go live. We expect this to take about a week and hope to be live before the end of the month.

9 Jun 2009

Launching in June 2009

Author: admin | Filed under: Development is finalising the site to go live in June 2009. The site has been developed over the last 5 years and we are looking forward to offering the service to the public. The legal and banking are being finalised and testing has begun.

20 Oct 2008

Development of has begun

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It has been a three year wait to get to this stage but development on started today through the talented web development firm Infinite Networks located in Canberra ACT.

The site is rapidly being developed over the coming weeks with a launch planned in November 2008. This blog will be updated with the latest development and launch information.